Delicious and Nutritious Food Daily

Meal times at Lakeview at Josey Ranch Senior Living are always something to look forward to. Our residents enjoy a broad range of visually appealing, nutritious, and delicious meals every day, prepared with locally sourced, fresh ingredients.

A Passionate Culinary Team

There’s more to meal times at Lakeview at Josey Ranch than simply satiating hunger. Our on site culinary team is passionate about creating hearty, healthy, and delicious food every day. We proudly craft our own creative dishes to tantalize our residents’ taste buds.

We go above and beyond to meet our residents’ unique dietary requirements.

Involving Our Residents

While our on site cooks are the masters of unique and delicious creations, we also love learning new things from our residents! We regularly encourage our residents to share their favorite recipes with us. Whether it’s a homemade soup, a famous enchilada recipe, or a great grandmother’s pumpkin pie with a twist, we love preparing treats and meals our residents love for a taste of home.

Variety is the spice of life, and you can look forward to wide ranging and exciting menus every week at Lakeview at Josey Ranch Senior Living.

Dining Options


Our Independent Living residents enjoy full autonomy and independence here at Lakeview at Josey Ranch Senior Living. This extends to dining options.

Our residents can enjoy chef prepared dining in our casual café and dining room, with our culinary team taking care of everything from cooking to washing up. They can also select meal packages to suit their lifestyle. However, as our apartments and cottages have full kitchens, our residents can prepare their own meals and snacks if they prefer.

Changing Menus

Just as you would enjoy a variety of dishes in your own home, you can expect the same in our senior living community. Our menu is ever changing, with an amazing array of hearty, healthy, gourmet, and classic dishes to suit our residents’ unique tastes and preferences.

Daily Meal Structure

We might change our menu often for variety, but our residents never have to worry about meal times changing. We offer a standard menu structure for all meals and snacks to ensure our residents know what to expect every day.








Healthy snacks

Socializing Opportunities

There’s more to meal times at Lakeview at Josey Ranch Senior Living than eating delicious food. We make them social occasions. Our Independent Living residents are encouraged to spend time in our casual café and dining room, enjoying the company of their neighbors and friends. There’s plenty of space to mingle, eat, relax, and socialize to their heart’s content.

Daily Restaurant Style Dining

While we already provide a restaurant style dining experience with our amazing cuisine, we go the extra mile with our beautiful dining spaces. Both our casual café and dedicated dining room are set up like traditional dining areas for user convenience and comfort.

Our residents can take a seat, enjoy delicious food, and let us take care of everything from the preparation to the washing up.

Let Us Take Care of Your Nutritional Needs

Meal times are truly something special here at Lakeview at Josey Ranch Senior Living. We encourage all soon to be residents to schedule a tour of our senior living community today to ask questions, share their dietary requirements, and learn more about our culinary creations. We look forward to showing you around!